Thursday, December 15, 2011


So with a New Year vastly approaching, it is that time again to contemplate "New Year's Resolutions". I figure, why wait til 2012, let's start NOW!

My first resolution is to make a weekly meal plan and STICK TO IT!
So here is Week 1: 12/18-12/24
Sun: Pinto and Black Bean Nachos
Mon: Breakfast for Dinner (this is for Grandpa) Waffles and Bacon
Tue: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Tomato Soup (Safeway brand because this is all Lucas will eat)
Wed: Brats and Baked Potatoes (Luke's specialty)
Thur: Pizza and Salad
Fri: Meatloaf with Corn on the Cob
Sat: Crock Pot Chicken and Potato Soup (I have a lot of potatoes).

Things are going so well for our little family. We have just been suuuuuper busy. Between school, work, work, and work, getting ready for Christmas, and working in time for family and working out, there is little to no time to do things for fun, i.e. blogging, reading, spending time with friends (although I am trying really hard to fit this into my schedule, my sanity depends on it!)

We have been so blessed this year. Lucas has been working really hard trying to be SuperDad. Working at both THS and EAC. He is doing such a great job and his student's (usually) love him. We look forward to the break when we get to spend more time together as a family. Andie is playing basketball and doing really well in school. Although there are times she is a little too big for her britches, what else do I expect from an almost 11-year-old girl (boo hooing, where did my baby go?) Avery loves school, is loving learning how to read and is really just such a sweet and dare I say the calmest of my girlies. Erynn, is Erynn. She has her rotten days, but for the most part she just loves being with her sisters and is talking up a storm. As for myself, I have been working a ton, lots of babies are ringing out the year. I am so grateful for my job and all the people that it has brought into my life (literally).

Pray that everyone has a safe week and remember what's so important especially this time of year: FAMILY!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BIG 3-0 (long post)

So today I turn 30! I have been looking forward to this day for a long time. When I think back on all that has happened in my 1st 30 years I can say things like, fell in love, had beautiful daughters, went to college and started a career that I love, have tried to make an impact on others lives, and have shared the most precious day with many many women (again I say what could be better than helping women deliver babies...I guess having your own).

For myself, a way to remember my joys, trials, struggles, and dreams:
* Born 11/9/1981 to a woman that would turn out to be one awesome mother that has motivated me to work my hardest and never accept less than what I deserve. My father has taught me what it is to be compassionate and the joy that one feels when helping others. My older sister (Angela) has taught me many things like crocheting and what it means to dream big and work hard for something. She is always there for me and I couldn't have asked for a better sister, she helps me to try and be a better person.
* When I was 2, my world changed when my little sister was born. Alisa and I played together, laughed together, danced together, and faught like no other together. She has become one of my best friends and I couldn't imagine my world without her love and support. It makes me so happy to see how she has been blessed in her family and life.
* I have had many people come and go in my 1st 30 years. I had never lost anyone close to me before my Grandma Provencio and I'll never forget the last day that I saw my and it makes me happy to know that I had spent the night at her house just before she entered the hospital. I was really little and they wouldn't let me into the ICU to see her, looking back now, I think that sleep over was my chance to see her and spend time with her before she returned HOME.
* In school came many friends, some that made a big impact on my life would be: Jordan Keith (we shared a love of music and dance, best buds from the beginning): Camille Watson (we had some great times and it makes me so happy to know that we still keep in touch from time to time and I have been able to see her family grow): Gina Massey (she taught me what it meant to have high morals and standards, she accepted me for me and shared her beliefs and always made me feel included): Jamie Allen (we have been great friends since my Freshman year of HS when we danced together in Poms, we both have busy lives, but when we get together there is never a dull moment): and of course Lucas (little did I know dancing in PE would bring me my future husband, a wonderful father to my children, my best friend, 5 brother and sister-in-laws, a loving mother-in-law, and soooo many nieces and nephews!)
* 1999-2001 brought a lot of happy and sad, my Grandpa Provencio passed away, I got engaged, started and graduated from HS, married my HS sweetheart and became a mother.
* I had Andie when I was 19, I grew up fast that year, but along with the "growing up" came a love I never knew existed. I realized what it meant to care for someone more than yourself, I discovered that I would do anything to protect and keep that baby safe. It brought out my "maternal instincts" which helped pave the way for my future career.
* After attending EAC and working at MGRMC full-time, we moved to Flagstaff where I began Nursing School, watched my Husband graduate and become a teacher, gave birth to Avery, and said good-bye to my beloved Aunt Mary. This was a stressful time in my life, but Lucas, me and the girls grew closer as a family, and I realized that there was no where else I wanted to be than back in Thatcher.
* Coming back home to Thatcher was both a blessing and a struggle. No family is perfect and with change often comes trials. But we overcame those trials. I started working in the OB department where I met many wonderful friends, co-workers, and mentors. There to share the birth of my daughter Erynn, help me through the loss of my Grandma and Grandpa Tellez, work through very stressful work situations, and so much more. I don't know what I would do without these ladies. I have learned so much from them and would never want to do anything else.
* So here I am today! I have so much to be grateful for, I have been so very blessed. I have wonderful friends that make me feel important and loved. These friends that make me want to try harder and be a better person. Going to lunch today with a good friend, Amber. I know that this will be a good lunch, we never run out of things to talk about! Having some family over tonight for dinner, just wish that my Dad could be here too.

In my next 30 years (God willing I live that long) I will try harder to be a better me. Live each day to the fullest and try to show my gratitude to my family and Heavenly Father more.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Thinigs We Do As Mothers...

Can I just start off by saying again how blessed I am to have three wonderful daughters.

Andie was recently in her grade spelling bee. She was one of 5 in her class to make it to the next level, the grade wide bee. I know that she much have gotten this from her father, I am not a very good speller, can't live without spell check! Well, Andie did very well, I was nervous for her and I could tell that she was letting her nerves get the best of her...unfortunately that is what she inherited from me. She made it through Round 3 to get tripped up on "ingredient". She went too quickly and started soon as she got that far you could see the shock on her face. She knew she was out. I am so proud of her and know that she is one smart cookie. I so look forward to her learning more and forming new friendships. She is doing very well in school and was in the lead for her class in book reports. She needs to have 25 for the entire her 1st 9 week Parent Conference, she had 27!! She has been a reading maniac and is almost all the way through the Harry Potter Series. She even won the entire series of Diary of a Wimpy Kid from her teacher. This winter will also bring new things into the mix. Andie will be playing basketball for the first time ever. I remember being that age and playing 5th grade ball. She is sooooo tall, hopefully this will give her an advantage, not to mention she also has the Johnson genes. Keep up the great work Andie!!

Avery is loving school!! She is learning how to read and is doing very well. She has started reading chapter books and you can see the pride in her face when she reads through a page on her own. She just recently had a performance for school. She needed to dress up as either a cowgirl, princess, or super hero. So what does she pick...a super hero! I was a little surprised. So here I go, 11pm at night, looking for a cape and mask for Avery. Thank Heaven for Wal-Mart! Well the only colors Wal-Mart had were red and blue or green and black. I opted for the red and blue. I also found some rhinestones to iron onto the back and made an "A" for Super Avery. It came out really cute, but of course I couldn't send her off without a big bow in her hair. She did so good during her performance and was such a ham...surprise, surprise. She knew all her dance moves, most of the words, and said her part perfectly! Avery is such a little performer and I can't wait to see what she will do next.

Erynn, where do I start with Erynn. Her favorite word is "bery". She uses it alll the time. "I am bery cold!" "I am bery hurt". "This is bery fun". It has become my favorite word to say as well, just ask the girls at work, haha. I love to look outside and see my Erynn playing in the sandbox, holding the puppies, or sun bathing on the glider of the swing set. I know that she misses her sisters terribly with school being back in session and her daddy as well. I so look forward to the weekends when she has them allll day. I can't wait til she is old enough for preschool, I think that she will love it, she is so smart and I now she will love to learn. Right now her favorite movie is "The Princess and the Frog". She watches it alll the time. It was the cutest thing, I have never seen this movie, but there is a firefly that is in love with a star. (Spoiler Alert!) Well the firefly gets smashed and dies! I know, I was shocked to hear this. Well Erynn cried and cried, but then at the end, you look up in the sky and the star he loved now has a new little star right next to it. When Erynn saw this she was sooo happy. It was really very sweet. I love having Erynn home with me. I love having a job that allows me to be home so much. We usually nap together, she loves to lay down with me and I have found that she has to sleep right next to me. She has to constantly be touching me. It is really kind of cute. We always say "I love you" and she has to say "I love you more".

What can I say, I am on cloud nine right now. I love my family, I love the weather, I love the upcoming seasons. I now just need to work on spending more time with others around I can share the love. My house looks so cute, the hubs put up the Halloween lights. My sister taught Andie how to make paper bats that are hanging from my front porch. I love them. When the wind gets blowing they start moving all over the place, looks like they are flying. I also found the cutest door hanger from The Gingerbread House. It was originally $45.00...No way would I pay that for a door hanger, I got it for $15 (love finding sales).

I hope that anyone that reads this is doing well. Hope that you are all as happy as we are and hope that you always remember what is important in this life.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Graham County Fair-Part 1

I have to break this up into two different posts only because my camera wigged out and these are the first set of pics...

We had such a great time at the Fair. My girlies just love to run around and ride the rides. Anyone who says they don't enjoy the Fair must not have ever watched the excitement on their kiddos face. That alone is so worth it! Lucas and I were smiling so much we started to get cramps in our cheeks.

We always make a stop by the animals, not the most pleasant time, but at least the girls get to see some pigs, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and other forms of poultry up close. We also got to see the biggest pumpkin entered, it weighed 140lbs! We have decided to encourage Andie to enter something into the Fair next year! That will be fun to look forward to.

There were so many rides this year that all my girlies could ride, and they did for about 4hrs. Off one, on another, sometimes on the same one. There were just the right amount of people there. Erynn had a blast, I don't remember there being as many rides for little kids in the past as there was this year. She loved the Super Slide and there was a mini set of swings that she would hold her arms out on and pretend she was flying. Everytime she came around to where I was she would have this huge smile on her face and wave to me. I was also shocked because I don't think Andie and Avery fought once, they were to busy running to all the different rides and playing together. Plus My mom came with us and we bought her a bracelet too so she could ride some of the rides, I think she had a good time.

We ended the Fair with a bang where Andie, Avery, Lucas and I rode the EXPERIENCE...I screamed the whole time. Lucas does not ride those types of rides, he prefers roller coasters, but an adult had to ride with each kiddo, so he took one for the team and boraded...he didn't feel so great afterwards, but it will be an "experience" we will not soon forget!

So here are some pics!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yay October!!

I have posted in the past how much I LOVE October, well it is here again!!

It is Fair Weekend!! I know there are a lot of people out there that think the Fair is gross, dirty, with crazy people, and bad food...which is true, but we love it! I love the parade Friday morning. I love the going to the exhibits and seeing my girls school work. I love watching the excitement as they wait to get on a ride. I love the smiles (and sometimes tears) on their faces as they get off a ride. I love the time I get to spend with my hubby and our girlies and my mom usually comes along too. It is just an all around time for family bonding. Unfortunately I work most of the weekend, so we have yet to make the trip, but soon!

Here are some pics from the parade...

My girlies watching the Thatcher Float in the Parade...GO EAGLES!

Also, we got to enjoy the "fruits" of Andie's labor. A few months ago Andie decided to plant her watermelon seeds in the backyard. We weren't sure if anything was going to grow, we live on a rock. Well it did! It has been fun and exciting to see this little watermelon seed grow into a plant almost the length of the backyard! We cut open one of those watermelons and it was so pink and smelled so good and was so yummy to eat! We are so proud of our Andie and have decided to clear out a section in the yard to designate as "Andie's Garden". Can't wait to get that project underway...

Andie's watermelon Avery enjoying some yummy watermelon

Friday, September 30, 2011

On Your Arm

I can't lie that the last few days have been rough on me. With my ear pain, Erynn cutting her hair (yeah, will have to post pics of this up soon), and just a general feeling of being down, it has been hard to stay positive and not let my frustration take over. I've shed a few tears, I've turned to my family for support, and was so grateful last night for my family.

After a hard day for me yesterday, Lucas came home from a long day of teaching at the high school and college, once the kiddos were in bed, we went for a drive, just the two of us. He could tell that I was going through a lot that day and it was just what I needed, like he was reading my mind. I instantly felt better. He didn't even really say anything, it was just having him right there next to me that made all the difference. It made me think of this amazing man and all that he has given and done for me over the years. I am so grateful for my husband, for the support he gives me, and the comfort of just having him by my side. Don't know what I'd do without you babe!

I hear this song and think of how perfect it is for us, had to share the lyrics, I could never put it all into words what I feel better than this:

On Your Arm
You always felt like home
You knew my favorite song
And I love the way you say my name
I love just about everything

Wake up to your morning face
Love you a little bit more everyday
Love the way you walk into the room
It's just the little things

Cause on your arm I could fall asleep
And on your arm it's the best of me
And on your arm I go anywhere
Cause I know that you'll be there
Counting a million ways to stay
On your arm

I can't believe you belong to me
I guess I must have done something right
How did we get here and where did we start?
You follow my heart

And on your arm I could fall asleep
And on your arm it's the best of me
And on your arm I go anywhere
Cause I know that you'll be there
Counting a million ways to stay
On your arm

Oh my love could you take me?
Oh my love just take me on your arm
On your arm

Cause on your arm I could fall asleep
And on your arm it's the best of me
And on your arm I go anywhere
Cause I know that you'll be there
Counting a million ways to stay
On your arm
On your arm
On your arm

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Well to say that I have been stressed lately is an understatement. I know that I am stressed, I feel that I am stressed, and my family is always telling me I am stressed. Well now it seems so is my jaw. Yesterday I finally got into see the ENT where he diagnosed me with TMJ. I have always heard of this, but never would have guessed this was what was causing all my "ear" pain. Most people with TMJ hear a clicking or popping sound when they open their mouth, or they get something called "locked jaw" where it makes it difficult to open their mouths wide, well I don't have either of these problems. I have the pain, pain that is never ending, both dull and aching that seems to get worse as my day goes on. Working nights, that can feel never ending. So here I am, don't feel like I am much closer to solving my issues, but have decided I need to spend a little more time on me, so I am walking again with my good bud Amber! It was so nice to have not only the exercise, but that girl time, can't wait!

Hoping my lifestyle changes will ultimately help with my physical ales. Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Silly Little Erynn

I was just sitting here thinking that my baby will be 3 in a couple of months! This is so scary to me, where did the time go? Erynn has grown so much over the past year, she is so much fun, a challenge, and the sweetest little thing!! She is so funny and is always trying to make us laugh. She loves her sisters so much, always calls Andie "my Andie" and she loves to say her name "Erynn Johnson".

Just this morning, Lucas and I are lying in bed, we hear a knock, knock, knock on our door. I asked, who is it...this sweet little voice says "Erynn Johnson". Precious.

We have had some crazy rain here in AZ lately. With all the rain has come not only a TON of weeds, but lots and lots of frogs! My girls love frogs. Lucas has made it a tradition to go "frog hunting" in the summertime. So after a good rain, he'll pack up the girls, grab a large cooler and go around Quail Ridge to find all the frogs they possibly can. What do they do with all these frogs, well they let them go in a canal near our house, this way, they don't get ran over on the roads. Well, Erynn doesn't like to call frogs "frogs". No she calls them "Birdits". Why...because they ribbit. It is so cute to hear her calling out for birdits all the time. Well, lately there has been a "birdit" that like to frequent outside our house. He is there almost every evening before the girls go to bed. Erynn likes to go out and find him, pet him and play with his belly and feet. She makes sure to hold him over the ground so he can "pee" first, then she hugs on him for a few minutes. She has kissed him a few times, hope this means someday she will find her prince charming! ;) Lucas is convinced that this frog loves Erynn, he didn't even pee on her tonight!

This is the kind of little girl Erynn is. To see her sweet little face and know that she doesn't know of any bad in the world. She accepts almost everyone. She is always the first person to thank us for her dinner every night and she prays that her and her sister "sweep" good every night. We have had our rough times with her, she has been sick a lot and we still don't know what her future will be like, but I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. I pray that she will continue to stay healthy and outgrow her reflux, I know that she is one tough cookie. We all love Erynn so much and couldn't imagine our world without her!

Thank you Heavenly Father for teaching me what it is like to stuggle for my children, to grow from my children, and teach me that I would do anything for my daughters!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1

The long awaited, highly anticipated trailer for Breaking Dawn!! I remember years ago, sitting in my apartment in Flagstaff, watching the news. They had a segment on up and coming AZ authors. They discussed a little book called Twilight. I was so excited, I love love love Vampire anything! So I went to Barns and Nobles and bought one of the first copies in print. A few months later when New Moon came out, I couldn't find the book anywhere, not because they sold out, but because few places carried the young adult novel. I remember feeling silly buying the book because here I was a twenty something mother buying a book for teens. Little did I know it would become the phenomenon that it did!! I know this sounds super silly, but I seriously love this series and am so sad that it is over. I keep praying that Stephenie Meyer will decide to continue the series so we now what happens to Jacob (hint, hint)! So I am putting this close, were I can always pull up the trailer!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Ten Years Later

I remember that morning...Andie was almost 7-months-old. I was sitting in my little apartment in Thatcher feeding her, rocking her in my living room, watching the news. At that time they were showing the footage of the 1st Trade Center attack. I remember thinking how crazy it was that this was happening and what a terrible accident...then the 2nd tower was hit and my disbelief turned to fear. How could this be happening? Those poor families. What was going on? I went in and woke up Lucas and explained that the towers of the WTC had been hit by planes. They were live at this time, just reporting as news came in about the attack on the Pentagon and the 4th plane that went down in Pennsylvania. There was talk on the radio about possible attacks on air force bases around the US including Luke Air Force Base in Phoenix. We watched as the towers collapsed to the ground and our hope that the survivors had made it to safety diminished.

The last 10 years have been a long and tough journey for the US. I don't have family in NY, I don't currently have family in the military, I have never lost a family member to such a tragedy, but I pray for those that do and have. I love my country and pray for all US Citizens today. I am proud to be an American and I am proud to be raising my daughters in this country. I will hold my children a little closer to me and remind them to be grateful for all they have. I am so grateful for all of our troops that have served and those that have lost their lives for my country. I am grateful for all the service men and women that did all they could to help those injured on this day 10 years ago. I pray for all the families that have been affected by the tragedy of 9/11 and to all that do what they can to help us remember what being an American means.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Jane Erye 2011

Just watched the new version of this movie and it is awesome!! Chemistry...check! A Mr. Rochester worth swooning over...check! Brooding stares...check! Must watch!

Johnson Family Expanding...

No, I am not having another baby...still recovering after Erynn, haha! We just found out that my sister-in-law Lisa and her wonderful husband are having another baby!! I am so happy for them. Lisa and G and such awesome people and they have the most adorable little girl...they are thinking this one is a boy. Now they will have a little Lisa and a little G.

This makes me think about my girlies and how big they are getting. Time flies and I can only hope that I am teaching them all they need to know, loving them as much as is humanly possible, and letting them know that NO ONE in this world is their bigger fan than me!!

It also makes me grateful to have an awesome mother, sisters, sisters-in-law and mother-in-law that I can laugh and share the tials of motherhood with. To think that I have all these amazing women in my life that help support, inspire, and motivate me to be a better person is the best!

Here's to growing families and the blessings that babies are!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The People I Missed the Most...

Well I recently went on a girls weekend to Las Vegas...there was so much to see and do in such a short amount of time. Although I did have fun...I really missed my family. I was so happy to get back to my not so normal or quiet has been hard for me to get back into the swing of things, and I haven't even had my first shift back to work yet!

So upon my arrival, I found that the house was completely cleaned, Lucas said that he and the girls worked on it that weekend on top of having a baby with an ear infection, getting a flat, and working two jobs. What can I say, he is amazing!

I missed my Erynn, having my buddy with me everyday, her smile and the way she always wants to be by my side. She is getting so big and I swear she grew while I was away. I missed how my Avery always rubs on my ears when she hugs me and how she loves to come and show me her "cheer moves" that she practices non-stop. She has the best toe touch and bannana split! I was happy to have had a few calls from my Andie while I was gone, but I think this made me miss her more hearing her voice and knowing that she needed me and I wasn't here for her. She is growing so fast and it is so nice to know that she still needs her mommy from time to time.

Lastly, I missed my husband, my bestfriend. One thing I learned this past weekend, I am not a partier, I am not 20 anymore, and I love being with my husband. I missed having my "wingman". It was so nice to come home and have him with me again, to hold him, and feel him lying there next to me while I slept. I didn't sleep so good in Vegas. Also, I just know that I would have had a better time sharing this time with Lucas and the girls. So in short, I don't think I'll be doing a girls weekend anytime soon, but I am planning a family getaway with my sweet girls and loving husband. My family is my everything, I only hope I can show them this everyday!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Best Surprise

So my Dad showed up and surprised us yesterday!! He has been in Australia over the past three months and we haven't seen him since Christmas Break! We sure did miss him as evidenced by our not leaving his side for 6hrs yesterday evening. It was great though! The girls love thier Papa so much and hopefull he will be back in AZ for good!

Friday, August 12, 2011

11 Years

So today is my 11 Year Anniversary!! 11 years of Marriage that is! Lucas and I were married 11 years ago on August 12, 2000 after a 5 year courtship. Many already know this story, but I thought it would fun to reminisce about past memories and share some old pics to show just how much I love this man and am so grateful to have found him when I did! Enjoy!

16 years ago, January 1995, I met Lucas Robert Johnson during my 7th grade PE class. He happened to have PE the same time as me, but at that time he was a Freshman in HS, so the odds of us running into eachother at this time in our lives was not likely. We had just started the semester and we were required to learn Country Dancing. Being a 7th grader and having to dance with Freshman boys, you can imagine I was pretty nervous, embarrassed, and excited! First day of Country Dancing was "Boys Pick". I did not know any Freshman boys at this time and was worried about not getting asked to dance. Low and behold, an adorable blue eyed boy asked if I would be his partner, I said yes.

After a few more weeks of dancing, this same blue eyed boy asked me to be his girlfriend only after tricking me into disclosing to his bestfriend Andy Wright that I liked him and would say yes if he asked me out...little did I know that would lead to 16 years with my bestfriend and 11 years married to a wonderful husband and father. I am so grateful to Lucas for being there for me, for my beautiful daughters, for helping me keep this family together. I look forward to the next 16 years!

Lucas, me and Alisa on my 15th birthday, yes Lucas has make-up on, he just performed in a play, haha!

Lucas and I before Prom my Freshman year, Lucas still to this day loves this dress, I still have it hanging in my closet.
Before Girls Dance Sophmore Year (I think, it is hard to keep track)
Me and Lucas being silly.
Group Pic Lucas' Senior Prom, Andy is right next to him, Thanks again Andy!
Before my Junior Prom
At Lucas' HS Graduation '98
At my Graduation '00
Engagement '00, Lucas asked me to marry him the Summer before I started my Senior year. As you can imagine, my parents weren't thrilled, but we knew what we wanted and waited until after graduation to have the wedding!
Our Wedding Day August 12, 2000! We had a blast!!
Lucas with Andie February 14, 2001!! Andie, named after Lucas' best friend, he has been there trough the good and the bad, so glad that Lucas has a friend like him!
Lucas and Andie
At Lucas' Graduation from NAU '05, preggers with Avery, we loved our time in Flag!! It brought us closer together as a family!

Lucas and his girlies, Andie and Avery born May 27, 2005

Johnson Family in our apartment in Flagstaff, AZ '05

Visiting in Safford for 4th of July right after Avery was born

Andie and Avery my sweet girlies '06

Andie, Lucas, and Avery just before we added another girlie to the mix '09

Lucas and Erynn, born February 8, 2009

Lucas and his girlies '09

Johnson girls Christmas '10

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fall 2011

I can't believe 2011 is already more than half-way over!! My girlies have all grown so much, we have been so busy with life, and I have really let myself get distracted from what is important...celebrating the joy that my family brings me.

Andie's 1st day of 5th Grade

Andie is now 10-years-old and just started 5th grade. We are so happy that she has Ms. Allred as her teacher this year. Andie is such a smart girl, we have so many hopes for her as she enters into her tween years, it is both scary and exciting. She is such a caring and loving girl, but I can see the occasional sullen teenager just waiting to escape hiding under the surface. Andie has gotten so tall over the summer, she will be taller than me before I know it.

Avery's 1st Day of 1st Grade

Avery turned 6 at the beginning of summer. She was so excited to go back to school this year. I think she mostly missed her friends, but she has been reading and I am so happy to see that she enjoys school. Her goal this summer was to learn how to swim...sure enough she did. We put her in private lessons in July and within 3 weeks she was swimming the length of the pool. Lucas and I are so proud of her. Nothing will stand in her way once she sets her mind to achieving something!
Lucas and the Girls on the 1st Day of School at Granny's House, they always go over before school to take a pic here, Lucas has done this since he was a little boy, I think it's a nice tradition he has started with the girls!

Erynn is 2 1/2-years-old now. We have tried the potty training a few times over the didn't work out so well. We were told a while back, when she was diagnosed with renal reflux that children with reflux have a harder time potty training, I guess we are seeing that now. I have a hard time being hard on her, she just gets so upset with herself and I hate that pouty look of hers. My mother says it's because she is my last...which is why Lucas is pushing for a fourth, haha
Here are some new pics of the girlies, 1st day of school and new haircuts!!

Erynn with her very 1st hair cut, she did such a good job and I think it came out so adorable, look at that face!!

Andie with her hair short again, I like it like this, but after growing it out all summer, I was surprised she wanted to cut if off. The new thing right now is wearing a feather in your hair, so her she is with a pink one, who would have thought?!?
Avery's hair had gotten so long over summer, she wanted to be Rapunzel for Halloween and was growing it out, well she soon realized with long hair comes tangles (haha), so we trimmed it and it looks so cute now...of course she had to have feathers too, her are smaller though

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Break

Can't believe that the break is over and my kiddos are back in school :(

We had a really great break though! Luckily, my father was here from Milwaukee and was able to attend dance recitals, open presents, and spend lots of time with the grand kids! The last time he was home in Oct, the baby wasn't real fond of him. This time around, she couldn't stay in his arms long enough!

If I learned anything this break it's that life is too short. My resolution to myself and my family this year is to live each day to the fullest and try to stay busy, rather than letting myself feel tired or depressed! I need to lead by example if I want my kiddos to be active!