Friday, November 28, 2008

What I'm Thankful for!

I know that this is a day late, but I needed to extra day to compile my thoughts. First of all, I am Thankful for my family. I have a wonderful loving husband and great little girls. I also have wonderful sisters. I am Thankful to have two parents that love and care for my family as much as I do and for my Grandma and Grandpa Tellez that are still here with us. Unfortunately, my grandfather had to spend Thanksgiving in the nursing home rehabilitating from his fall, but I am so Thankful that he is still with us.

I am Thankful for my wonderful job and the great ladies that I work with day to day. They are like a second family to me. I am Thankful that Lucas has a job that he enjoys and that we are able to have a lovely house to keep my family safe and food on the table.

I am Thankful that my older sister Angela is coming in from Hawaii on Saturday, we have not seen her since Aug.

I am Thankful for books. I love to read and so does my husband. I got the reading from my Grandpa T and am grateful that my daughters love to read and hear stories.

I am Thankful to live in a country where we are all equal, we have equal rights and freedoms. I am grateful that my family is all in the same country, minus Angela thousands of miles away. I am grateful for the armed services, for the hardwork they do to keep us safe here at home and I pray for my brother-in-law Garret. I pray that he remains safe once he is deployed early next year.

I am most Thankful for My Savior Jesus Christ and my Heavely Father. I am grateful for their love toward me and my family. I have comfort in knowing that when I go to heaven, I will be surrounded by those who have passed before me. I am so grateful for prayer and the holy spirit. I love this time of year and love the growth of my spirit as I read about Christ's birth and share in the joy that is Christmas time.

My Thanksgiving was spent among my families, the Provencios and the Johnsons. I am so glad that all of Luke's siblings had a chance to come in for Turkey Day and pray they all make it home safely. I have shared many holidays with both Luke's family and my own. We often get both families together and I am grateful that they get along so well. We are so blessed to be surrounded by so many loved ones on such a special day. My best Holiday Wishes go out to all of my friends and family this Christmas!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

End of a Crazy Week

So, we got back into town last night after my cousin's funeral. It was a beautiful funeral. We were all so touched by how many people paid their respects and attended services.

On top of dealing with a death in the family, the night we left for Show Low, Thursday night, my 91-year-old grandfather and 89-year-old grandmother fell. Yes, both of them fell. My grandma was trying to help my grandfather up and they both fell down. My grandfather then crawled across the room to get to the phone to call for help. I was not prepared for his appearance when I went to the hospital to see him that night. He looked like he had been beaten up or hit by a car. He was all cut up on his face and his left eye was black and blue. My grandmother was not hurt badly, but my grandpa is still in the hospital. It sounds like he will have to go to the Nursing Home for Rehabilitation.

Last, I took Avery to the Dr. on Thursday afternoon because of a cough that she has had for the past 1 1/2 weeks. It turns out she has an Upper Respiratory Infection and so they had me start her on breathing treatments. She looks so sad when she has to do them. They take about 15min. It is so hard for her to stay patient for that long, but it seems they are working.

On a positive note, the THS Spiritline that I help out with from time to time went to Cheer Competition. They placed 1st in the Show Cheer and 2nd in Stunt Group. The Pom routine that my sister Alisa and I choreographed for them got 1st place! I ran into one of the cheers last night while coming into town and we were able to watch the performance. It was great! They did such a good job! So, this means that come January, they qualify to compete again for a State title.

I am so glad that this week is over and we are starting into Thanksgiving week. I have so much family coming into town and some fun things planned. I am also just looking forward to spending some quality time with Luke and the girls. After this week, I will be 30 weeks pregnant and only 10 more to go before this newest member of our family makes her appearance. All in all, I have so much to be thankful this year and I plan to focus on that this week.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Time on Earth

I found out this morning that my cousin Dennis Yeager was killed in a car accident. He is the oldest cousin on my dad's side, the son of my wonderful Aunt Jenny. Dennis leaves behind a wife, two step-children, and three precious little boys. Since I don't have any brothers, Dennis was like the big brother that I never had. I will always remember him as being strong. Strong in mind and heart. I will remember the time that we went to visit his family in Show Low and playing in the creek out in Verden. I remember that he could eat a whole package of hot dogs in one sitting. I can think back and smile at all the times he and my dad would pick on eachother and wrestle around. My thoughts and prayers are with his family wife- Joelle, step-kids- Justin and Shelby, sons- Tyler, Jacob, and Colton, also with my Aunt Jenny and Uncle David, and my cousins, Danielle, Diane, and Donovan.

In this time of great loss, I am thinking about life. In this troubled time of our economy and political change, I am hopeful. Hopeful that we are able to grow, learn, and rise in these hard times. It makes me so grateful that I believe in a Heavenly Father that can comfort and heal broken hearts. I think that there are many people today going through times of uncertainty. I am so grateful to know that beyond this world, there is a heaven, where we will be together again. I know that Dennis was welcomed into warm embraces by my Grandma and Grandpa Provencio and my Aunt Mary.

I want to take a moment to state all that I am blessed to have. I am blessed to have a wonderful, loving, and caring husband. A husband that provides and comforts us all as a family. A husband that cooks and cleans with me, as well as wakes in the night to care for scared or sick children. He is my bestfriend, my soulmate. I know that we were put on this earth to find one another. I am so grateful for two healthy, loving daughters and a third on the way. They are the light of my life. I love to cuddle with them, read bedtime stories, and watch them explore and learn in this crazy world. I am blessed to have a beautiful home, food on the table, and plenty of love to go around. I am blessed with a job that reminds me of the wonders and powers that our Heavenly Father has. Nothing is more magical than watching new life be born into the world. I am also blessed to have two wonderful sisters, two sisters that I know I can call and count on when needed. We may fight from time to time, but every second we are together, we are stronger. Alisa is so creative and strong willed. She can get through anything and I know that she is destined for greatness. Angela is so compassionate. When I need a pick me up she is there for me. She has been through so much in her short lifetime, I know that she can overcome any obstacle. Last, I am so blessed to have wonderful parents. A mother that has taught me to use my head, to never give up on my goals and dreams. She makes me want to be all that I can be. A father that has shown by example what it means to truly give. He is the most giving and caring man I know. He would give the shirt of his back in a time of need. I know that besdies Lucas and I, my father loves my girls the most.

Sorry for rambling, one last thank you. Thank you Heavenly Father for the opportunity to live this life and to learn from my mistakes and trials. I am grateful for your love and know that I will one day be in your presence again, along with my Savior Jesus Christ. Our time on this Earth is so uncertain. I plan to make the most of it while I am still here. I am so grateful for prayer and I will be praying for my family at this time.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My 27th B-day!

So tommorw is my b-day!! Yeah!! Well, I just worked a 12-hour shift and then headed to cheer practice (for those who don't know, I help out the THS Spiritline when I am able to). Every evening that I work, when I get home from work, my girls meet me at the door. Usually Avery is so excited, she meets me in the garage. Well this evening I see both my girlies dressed up in pretty play dresses. I walk into my house to smell some very yummy burgers, made by my hubby, they were very good!! On the table is a bouquet of beautiful orange flowers.

Andie hands me this great homemade b-day card that read: Cover - "We (heart) U My Wondrful Mommy. P.S. Dad Think You a Good Wife." Inside - "Mom we love your madness and nicenes but we still love you."

Avery made me a wonderful birthday hat!!

I also got Smallville Season 7 and a great card from my husband reminding me that we have been together for more than half of my bithdays now! It is hard to believe that Luke has been around for 14 birthdays. Thank you my fabulous family for a wonderful birthday!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Pics!!

I am so excited to debut some new pics from my wonderful and talented friend Leah Davis. She was recently down and we had a bunch of family pics taken. These are some of the pics that I got off of her photography blog Check it out sometime and see how artistic she is. A big thank you goes out to Leah. I love what I have been able to see so far and can't wait to see the rest. I have added a few of my favorites!!!!