Monday, July 27, 2009

5 Months

I am such a bad mommy. It has taken me this long to post Erynn's 5-month pics and there are only a few. Erynn is eating so much and growing like a weed. She has the tummy time down to a T, she rolls all over the place, lately in circles. She loves to play with things that crinkle and grab anything in front of her. She is such a joy. I love her so much, I could seriously just eat her. I love her chunky cheeks and the crazy way she looks at me when I pull out the camera.

Erynn playing in her walker, these days she prefers to be upright to laying on her back.

I can't get over how much she is growing, look at that face!!!

Hanging out with Daddy and Uncle Leon.

Getting ready for dinner, see what I mean about the face.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Diamondsback's Game

We kicked off our vacation by going to a Diamondback's Game. It was the D-backs vs. Marlins. The score was 7 D-backs to 4 Marlins going into the 8th inning. The girls were getting tired, so I told Lucas we should head out. Cantu hit a home run as we were leaving, it turned out that the Marlins kicked our butt. The final score, D-backs 7 the Marlins 14. I'm glad we left when we did. We sat in the "All You Can Eat Seats". It was nice to not have to worry about dinner. Not bad, Dinner and a Baseball game for $30.00. I would do it again. We had to call it an early night, we flew out to Indianan the next morning. I am happy to report the plane ride wasn't too bad, especially with three kids.

It seems I'm never in the pictures, so here was my attempt to include myself.

My scruffy husband.

The girls enjoying some popcorn.

Amish Country

We had the opportunity to visit an Amish settlement. We had lunch there, it was great. They served lunch like it was Thanksgiving on platters and in bowls that you just passed around. The food was so good and it was a really nice restaurant. They had space downstairs where they sold home decor like Family wall hangings and a ton of Christian plaques. I wish that I had had room in my suitcase, there were so many things that I loved there. They had this huge mercantile that they converted into like a mall. I had three levels and a ton of different stores from scrapbooking to music shops to ceramics and candy. They also had buggy rides. It was so crazy driving into the town and seeing a ton of horse drawn buggies

One of the buggies.

Erynn trying Banana Cream Pie, the pies there were so good. Erynn couldn't get enough.

Out to lunch.

A quick family pic.

The Blue Gate Restaurant.

A silly toad that we passed at a ceramic shop. They were everywhere, this was the biggest.

American Girl

I was so happy to have had the chance to take my girls to the American Girl store in Chicago. I have to admit that this was something that I was looking forward to doing. When I was Andie's age, I wanted an American Girl doll so badly. I was so fun getting to see all the dolls and the way they are displayed. I honestly think that every little girl should go there once in their life. I am so grateful to Michelle, Lucas' step-sister for taking me and my girls to Chicago for the day. Michelle's little girls Madison and Kyra were so sweet and I am glad the Andie and Avery got spend time with them and also with Kayla, Lucas' step-sister Kerrie's daughter. We got to spend more time with the kids later on in the Vaca when we went swimming over at a cousins house. I was so fun to see all the kids getting along.

Avery and cousin Kyra with their dolls, Rainbow and Emily in front of the American Girl store.

The awesomeness that is American Girl.

Posing with the American Girl star.

All the girl cousins. Andie, Avery, Madison, Kayla, and Kyra.

Me with my silly girlies and their dolls.

Erynn Kinley's Blessing and Andie Janae's Baptism

One of our adventures on our Vacation, was having Erynn Blessed and Andie was Baptized, both by their Grandpa Johnson. We were so grateful to Bob for agreeing to do this for Lucas and I. I was so touched by his blessing, I cried. Who would of thought, me cry. Andie was Baptized at the same time as her cousin Madison. How special is that. It was a big day for us and after church, we had a BBQ at Bob and Karen's. I couldn't believe all the people that attended the Baptism. I was so nice to see so many friendly faces. I thank Holly and Tyler Cooper for speaking at the Baptism. Later on in our Vaca, Lucas and I had the chance to hang out with Holly and her husband Steve. Holly is Lucas' cousin. I was so fun to get out and be with another couple, no kids.

Andie and Madison with the missionaries (Madison's baptism discussions were with these missionaries) and Grandpa Johnson, who conducted the Baptisms.

Andie and Madison before the Baptism, relieving some of their nerves.

Andie and Madison in their Baptism Dresses before the Baptism.

Both Madison and Andie's family at the Baptism.

Hanging out before the Baptism.

Erynn in her Blessing dress, the bow was off by this point.

Elliot and Nicole

We also had the chance to see and eat lunch with my brother-in-law Elliot and his expectant wife Nicole. Nicole was having her baby shower later on that evening, but it was such a long drive for us and the shower started later in the evening, so we gave them their presents from us early. It was fun just hanging out with Elliot again, we don't get to see them very often. The girls ran around blowing bubbles and throwing the ball at Elliot and Nicole's dog Baxter. Andie even got a throwing lesson from a professional baseball player, Thanks Elliot. Nicole is about half-way through this pregnancy, and so far so good. We can't wait to meet little Blake Cole in November.

Erynn and her Uncle Elliot.

A little something that I got for Blake, do think it will fit? Well probably not for a year or so.

Avery playing around with the bubbles.

Avery, Aunt Nicole, Erynn, Uncle Elliot, and Andie.

The happy couple, I wonder who the baby will look like.

Indiana Johnson Family

One part of our Vacation was seeing Lucas' family in Indiana, well I guess I should say that was a big part of our Vacation. We haven't seen Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Johnson since Lucas and I were married almost 9 years ago. Lucas' Grandpa has had a lot of heart issues and it was really important for Lucas to make this trip so that he could see his grandpa again and for his girls to meet their Greatgrandparents. I am so bummed, we also saw Lucas' Aunt Karen and her great kids, but I didn't have my camera. She was so nice to us and her kids were so fun to talk too. The girls really enjoyed meeting and hanging out with Karen and John's family.

Andie and Avery with their cousin Taylor, this is Lucas' Uncle Dale's daughter. Unfortunately Dale passed away last year, but we are so grateful that we had a chance to meet this sweet little girl.

Erynn and Grandma Johnson, I tried really hard to get her to look up.

Three generations of Johnson men. Lucas, Great Grandpa Robert Johnson, and Grandpa Robert Johnson Jr.

Erynn and her Great Grandparents. I was really glad that we had the opportunity to spend time with them. We all had a good time just talking and hearing of what a naughty little boy Lucas was growing up, j/k.

I love this picture of Erynn and her Great Grandma Johnson.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

We had a pretty low key July 4th. I had to work that night, so we just had some Brats at home, Lucas makes the best ever. I was lucky to stay home until midnight and was able to take the girls to watch the fireworks. We have our little spot on the duck pond by the gazebo. This is the third year in our little spot. Andie and Avery spent their time before the display feeding the ducks and playing around with the other kids there. Erynn, believe it or not, slept through the entire display. It was afterward that I wish I could forget. I guess there was a car accident and so the police were directing all traffic in one direction. I was ridiculous trying to get out of there all at once. Lucas and I took two separate cars, in case I got called in, and the Mazda's clutch overheated. Lucas was stranded at Jobee's for a little while. Erynn was so tired at this point, it was like 10:00pm, she cried the whole way home. One we were all home and in our PJs, I could look back and enjoy the fun time we all had together. I am so grateful for all of the men and women that serve in the armed forces, that help to keep our country and my family safe. I got really emotional one point. Lucas and I were trying to teach Andie the Star Spangled Banner, and I started to cry. To think about what all those men and women go through serving in the wars and praying that they are safe and that they will see their families again. It was just really hard to think of being without my husband and girls. God Bless America!!!

My silly Andie, she didn't know that I had the camera out. She didn't get a chance to pose.

Avery patiently waiting for the Fireworks

My sweet little Erynn, her 1st, 4th of July.

I thought that this had a pretty cool reflection off the water.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Adventures

The other day, I was in need of some alone time, well really just time to clean without little ones messing up rooms I had already cleaned. I asked Lucas if he could take the girls out of the house for a little bit. He decided to take them up to the Mt. Graham.

Of course, as soon as he left, Erynn woke up from her nap. Once she was fed and back to sleep, I think that I had about 45min before Lucas and the girls showed up. Lucas was in one of those moods. He pretty much let the girls call all the shots. They went hiking up at Treasure Park. Both girls fell in the water at least once. My sweet little Avery found a wildflower that she insisted she was going to give me. Lucas said that she dropped it a few times, but found it and countinued to carry it down the mountain. When she walked in the door she said "Look what I got you Mommy." It was the prettiest wildflower I have ever seen. Lucas is always looking for a reason to go to DQ. A quick trip was the perfect way to end an outing out with dad.

July 3rd, we took Andie and Avery to Phoenix and to Sunsplash for the first time. Avery kept calling it Summersplash. We initially were headed to Wet n Wild, but my mother convinced me that it was too out of the way. We left early in the morning, leaving Erynn with our great babysitter Mariesa. Once in Phoenix, we ate at Olive Garden, yummy!!

Sunsplash was so packed that day. I swear all of Mesa was there. We knew that Avery and Andie could ride the big slides, so we headed there first. Avery did really well, but once was enough for her. Andie rode all of the slides and we could hardly keep her out of the lazy river. It was so fun to have my parents with us. My dad rode the slides and my mother actually got in the water, (gasp). If you knew my mother, you would know that she hates the water and doesn't know how to swim. (Her brother drowned at the age of 12, my mother never knew him and never learned how to swim.) We had so much fun in the wave pool. Those waves can be so strong. It was quite a workout trying to stand once they really got going. At one point, we got my mother to stay out in the water on an inner tube. The waves were rocking her back and forth so hard. My dad and I were trying to keep her from tipping, so I was standing on one side and my dad on the other. Not sure how, but I lost my footing and before I knew it, my mother was pretty much on top of me. With each wave we were pushed back to the shallow end. It was so funny. I tried so hard to get back on my feet, but failed miserably. I was laughing so hard, my stomach was cramping up.

It was a great time, the girls had a blast. We have decided next time, we will do the Wet n Wild park!