Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Night Shift

I am just about to get off a stretch of three night shifts. That is 6PM to 6AM. It is hard! You would think that by now I would be used to it, but here I am, 5:04AM and so tired.

My only gripe is that I work days and nights. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy working both shifts. I have great co-workers and it is nice to change things every now and then. Take this week for instance, I worked Monday night, (which means I will sleep until about noon), I'm off Tuesday, off Wednesday and then work Thursday day shift. I really have a day and a half off.

I know I should complain. I am very grateful to have a job that I truly enjoy. Just this weekend I was able to be the nurse for a family member. It was nice to be a part of their special day. You know this is a small town and we run into a lot of people everyday. I can't tell you how many friends I have seen just after they delivered or just before.

Anywho, these are my thoughts early in the morning, with very little sleep. I can hear my bed calling to me!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Something so Beautiful!

They just "topped" the Gila Valley Temple. It has been so great to watch the temple rise from the ground up. I feel so lucky to have a temple so close. It is truly a wondrous site and it's purpose is so great!! My girls love to pass by the temple, their little eyes get so big!

I didn't realize how beautiful Mt. Graham was until I moved away. Now I feel lucky to see this everyday!

The beautiful Arizona Sun!

While I am taking a moment to reflect on what I am grateful for here is a small list:
1. I am grateful for temples and what they represent. I think it is so important to have some thing that makes you want to be a better person. Besides my family, the temple makes me want to be a better person.

To think that we all have the opportunity to be a family for Eternity is amazing.

2. I am grateful for my visiting teachers. I have know Sis. Henson forever. She has always been someone that I have looked up too. She and her husband and their wonderful girls have been friends of my family for a very long time and I feel so lucky to have had her grow closer to my family these last couple of years. Then there is Sis. Romney. She is such a grate example and a caring person. (Oh and she makes the best Chicken Enchiladas.) I feel so much better after a visit from them. They share their stories and listen to mine. I never feel judged when they are around and I can only hope to touch someone else's life as they have touched mine.

3. I am grateful for the Priesthood. The gift that the Priesthood offers is so wonderful and helpful. I love my Home Teachers. They are two very great men and have been there for my family in times of need. When Erynn was in the hospital they came and gave her a blessing.

4. I am grateful for the Holy Spirit. I know that I am not alone and when I feel like things couldn't get any worse, my Spirit is there to help pull me out of my slump and remind all the good that I have in my life. I can't tell you how many times the Holy Spirit has been there to aid me in my job and has given me the knowledge to care for others. I am grateful that my oldest now carries the Holy Spirit with her and I know that when I'm diligent in my church attendance and scripture reading, my Spirit grows stronger.

I know that I am far from perfect and that I have so much to work on. But I feel lucky to have so many great examples in my life. People that show me what I would like to one day achieve. I can only hope that I turn into to someone that my daughters can look up to. I hope that my testimony can be helpful to them when they are feeling frustrated, doubtful, or lost.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Funny Things Avery Said Today

1. Over dinner, trying to get her to eat her Chicken Pot Pie.
Lucas -"Avery you need to eat or no dessert."
Avery- "Dad, you are over reacting!"

2. In the car after Lucas and I were arguing over something.
Avery - "Stop! Now give each other a kiss."
Lucas and I kiss.
Avery - "Now say you love each other."
(This is what I make the girls do after they have had an argument.)

4 is such a fun age!

VCUG Results

So I posted last that we were heading to Tucson for another check on Erynn's kidneys. Well her Renal Ultrasound came back showing that her kidneys were looking good and free from any infections or inflammation.

As for the VCUG, well I knew it was going to get bad the older she got. She was definitely more wiggly and cried for the last portion of the exam. Results were good though. It looks like things are as they were last time, Grade 2 on the right and Grade 3 on the left, but the radiologist said it looked like things were a little better. We are heading in the right direction. Another 6 months and we follow up with Dr. Killion. I already have my appointment with her Pediatric Nephrologist in March.

My little sister had her counseling session. It turns out that her baby will have to follow up with Erynn's Pediatric Nephrologist as well. The counselor suggested that we just schedule our appointments together. What a small coincidence. All my girls have been healthy, except for Erynn's kidney issue and here my sister is going to have a baby with kidney issues as well. I guess this is a way for us to relate to each others trials and a way for us to grow closer, even though we are very close already.

Well, that is all the time I have right now. I need to get on the ball with my blogging.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

7 Months

Here we are, another month gone by. I can't believe it. Erynn is getting so big so fast. She is having a rough patch, waking up more often at night. Can't decide if it's teething or growth spurts. I refuse to believe she is a "naughty" baby. We are getting ready to try juices. I am sure she will love this. Lucas said that today at the sitters, she was gumming a cracker. We have yet to try this out at home, so we were pretty surprised and nervous to see her with one in her hand. As you know, at this age, everything goes in the mouth.

She is all over the place, she has really got the crawling down. Lucas can't believe how fast she is now. It is so much fun to see her crawling and then she stops, looks at you with her beautiful blue eyes and gives you one of her fabulous smiles.

We are getting ready for another trip to Tucson. We have been so grateful that she has not had anymore kidney infections. They are going to do another VCUG. We will get to see how her reflux is doing and whether it is improving. Wouldn't that be good news!!! I am not looking forward to it. At her last visit, she was still really small and just laid there. I have a feeling it will be so much harder this time. Did I mention she is crawling all over the place. I just hope that this doesn't hurt and that later on she will have issues getting undressed or not trusting people. I guess as long as she is not sick, we can all manage. Luckily, Lucas is coming with me this time. We are meeting Alisa and Todd in Tucson, she is going to see a Genetic Counselor. I am just hoping that we all get good news.

Again, I have to just put it out there that I love my family so much, all my family. I am so grateful to have such support and love, especially when times are tough.

Anywho, here are some pics over the last month.

Not a great picture, but you can see how big she is in her walker. She is actually starting to move around in it! Just yesterday she moved from the kitchen to the living room.

Look at how big is looks. Her hair is getting so long. She has the most hair of all my girls at this age. Can you imagine when she gets older?

Just look at that sweet face. She is such a happy baby and we all think her smile and fat cheekies are contagious.

Erynn spending some time with her grandmas. Grandma Maggie is on the left and Nana is on the right. My grandma (Grandma Maggie) is always saying how much she wants to bite her. I can totally relate. It is so much fun to see my baby interact with my grandmother. I am so grateful for the time that we have with her. I can tell how much she loves my girls. I only wish that they had had the chance to get to know my father's mother. My grandma Provencio was a kind and loving woman. I know that they will get to meet her when we return to our heavenly father. I am also missing my Aunt and Grandpas. There are so many people that we have lost, but ours lives are so much better for having them around.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Final Reminder!

This is your last chance to enter in my 1st Hair Bow GIVEAWAY!!

Thanks to everyone that has already entered. I can't wait to find out who wins!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Current Ponderings

Over the last few weeks, things around here have been kind of hectic and busy. We are still trying to get into a routine with school back in session and all.

I am so grateful to be home with my baby as much as I am. I swear, I spend most days cuddling with her, watching her crawl, babble, and smile. We have been so lucky to have found out about Erynn's kidney issues so young and have been able to treat her as needed to prevent any future illnesses. She is full of like, I couldn't imagine my life without her. I am so grateful that her condition is something she could eventually outgrow and that it is not something more serious. This made me think about the time that I spend with my other girls.

Andie is getting older and wanting to do the girlfriend thing. I am so grateful that she has so many friends and one that lives so close to us. She always has something she is wanting to do, (which at times can be a bad thing). We are starting to head into that TWEEN stage with her and I feel like I am missing out on things. Even though this transitional phase is getting tougher, I am so grateful for such a smart daughter. I would rather have a daughter that can argue her point rather than succeed to everything. She is hard headed and I pray that it benefits her in the future.

Then there is my Avery. She has always been our "problem child" but only in the fact that she is more stubborn than the other two put together. Avery has a wild spirit and can drive me crazy at times, but I am so glad that I have one more year home with her. It is never a boring day with her around. Just today, we drove to Pima and got a slush at Taylor Freeze. As we were passing through Central and by the New Temple. Avery looks up and says "Wow, look at the temple, it's wonderful!" I agreed with her and then she shared with me, "We are going to go there."

If you don't know, Lucas and I have never been. Just when we think we are on the right track, life happens. It has been a tough road, but I know that I love Lucas with all my heart and I want to spend Eternity with no other. Hearing my 4-year-old share this with me made me ponder all that is at stake and make me grateful for the Temple, what it represents and for a church that teaches good values to families. This past August was 9 years of marriage for Lucas and I. I know in my heart that we will be sealed to our family, one of these days. I know that as a family we can get through and accomplish anything.

I love my family so much and pray daily that I can be the mother and wife that they deserve. I hope that anyone that reads this, remembers to be grateful for the good and the bad.

Sorry, just my thoughts at this moment.