Monday, August 31, 2009

Just a Reminder

Just a quick reminder that there are only 14 more day for my Halloween Korker Bow GIVEAWAY!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


So yesterday was a huge day for us. In the morning, I am awaken to my 6 1/2 month old mumbling what sounds like "Momomom". I get her out of her crib and sure enough, her little mouth is opening and closing, but nothing coming out. And then, "Mom"! I was so excited. Well, I yelled for Lucas to come in, there we all were, girls and daddy, she says "Mom mom". It went on all day. In fact, I just heard her say it right now (she is supposed to be sleeping), be right back.

Then, I get a phone call from my sister, she found out what she was having and it's a. . . . . . . . . BOY!!!! We are all so excited for her. You don't understand, girls out number boys in this family like 3:1. I have 5 Aunts and 2 Uncles. Most of my cousins are girls and they have girls as well. Not to bring up the fact that I have 2 sisters, no brothers, and 3 daughters and no sons. Having a baby boy around will so much fun, even if it is Todd's (just kidding). They have a few names picked, one that is a favorite (I'm not a huge fan of, but won't say anything from this point forward, because they are like children and will name the kid that just to spite me and everyone else). So, CONGRATULATIONS ALISA AND TODD!!!!!

Last and probably most exciting for me, my Erynn started to crawl. She has been on hands and knees for months now and trying to crawl for weeks. I spend a lot of time on the ground trying to get her to crawl to me and moving her arms and legs in the right direction. So, Todd comes over (my brother-in-law) and leaves his sunglasses on the ground. Before I know it, there she goes. I couldn't believe it. I grabbed my camera and of course she wouldn't do it. I waited and waited and then got lucky.

So here it is, Erynn Kinley Johnson, 6 1/2 months old, crawling on Aug 26, 2009.

Monday, August 24, 2009


I am doing my first GIVEAWAY as a blogger. It is to get more traffic to my Hair Bow Blog.

Up for grabs, the Halloween Korker Flower Bows pictured below.

Here's how to qualify:
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The top three bloggers will win a set of Halloween Korkers, but to sweeten the deal, there will also be a Surprise Gift to the 1st Place Blogger. It could be anything from a set of bows, a headband w/ coordinating bow, or a beanie w/ coordinating bow. It all depends on what that winner shows interest in. I will be reading your posts and will decide the Surprise Gift from what you comment.

Giveaway ends September 14th and will be announced September 21st. This way the winner will have their bows for the whole of October!

If you are wondering what these look like in place, here are a few pictures of ways to wear.

Late Entry: 1st Day of School

So this is coming a little late, but better late than never. I have just been so busy lately. My

Lucas and the girls on the first day of school. Don't you just love Lucas' hideous Hawaiian shirt. The whole THS staff wore them on the first day of school.

My sweet girls, I can't believe how big they are getting.

Andie is starting 3rd Grade, I can't even believe it. She was so excited for school to start, missing her friends a bunch. We have been grateful for the wonderful friends that Andie had made last year. She kept in touch with many of them over the summer. Savannah had her over a few times and she played with Alyssa (Savannah's cousin a bunch as well). Brynlee and Kaitlyn had her over for birthday parties and Kylie and Andie had a chance to form a friendship that we hope will grow throughout the school year. This year Andie has Brynlee and Kaitlyn in her class again with Mrs. Scoggins being her teacher. Some old friends are in her class as well, Kayden and Michael Marie. This was the first year that Andie was kind of not wanting me to drop her off at school. I explained, too bad. I will be dropping her off at school until she graduates from H.S. Won't that be so funny her Senior year and I am dropping her off at the H.S. Hey, I carried her in my belly for nearly 10 months, I think that it is my maternal right to see her off to school on the first day.

Avery is starting Pre-school at Shiningstars Pre-School, run my Aubrey Larson and Emily Curtis. We had a meet and greet night. There are so many old friend kids in her class. It is fun to see how we have all aged and how our families have grown. It will be fun over the next couple of years to see our kids grow up together and the friendships that they will make.

Avery and Miss Aubrey

Avery posing at Granny's (this is a 1st day of school tradition that dates back to when Lucas was a little boy.)

My big girl Andie at Granny's. I just found her Kindergarten photo. I was going to post that one as well, but decided to hold off until next year when Avery starts Kindergarten. It will fun to compare the two of them.

Just for fun, (sorry so blurry), Andie found her Witches hat from Halloween a few years back and put it on Erynn. Doesn't just look so CUTE!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh My Gosh

I forgot to write how big Erynn was at her 6-month-check up. Well, she was
17.8 lbs
27 3/4 inches tall.
Thank you Jen for reminding me.

My Funny Kiddos

Just last night, we were at my parents house. As we were getting into the car, Avery started complaining that she had to go to the bathroom. We seriously live like 5 min away from my parents house, I told her she needed to hold it. She was like "I'm going to pee my pants." My dad got after me and told me she could go there and pulled her out of the car. Well when they got back to the car, I was harassing my dad telling him that he was not that nice to us when we were little. Avery then turns to me and say "Mom, you were never little."

A few days ago, I'm not sure what I was doing, but we were in the car and I was putting my arm over my head. My Andie then tell me every so nicely, that my arm is all jiggly. I couldn't help but laugh. Out of the mouth of babes. This give me more of an incentive to lose some weight, plus we are having family pictures done in Nov. 10 weeks to go.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Crazy Lucas

I had to post this hilarious picture of Lucas. Andie was playing with the camera the other day and captured this. We laughed so hard. It doesn't look anything like him.

6 Months

Erynn Kinley Johnson, 6-months-old

Such a happy girl with Daddy.

Can you believe it!!! Erynn is already 6-months-old. She is getting so big. She has the most adorable squirrel cheeks. She is such a happy baby. It has been so fun watching her learn and grow. She is sitting up all by herself now and every once in a while she is able to readjust and stop from falling. She is doing hands and knees now and wiggling her booty all around. She wants to crawl so badly, I know it will happen any day now. Her hair is getting so long. I was able to put a ponytail in the other day.

My sweet little Erynn sitting up.

Hands and Knees time.

This is Erynn trying so suck out the apples juice. She kind of looks like a Pirate here.

Sleeping in her crib, what a funny face, wonder what she was dreaming about.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Late Entry

Well, before school started, my husband went off to L.A. to hang out with his HS buddies. It was just me and my girlies for an entire weekend. The last day, before Lucas came home, my sweet Andie woke me up to breakfast in bed. It was Eggos, bacon (nearly raw) and orange juice. It was so sweet. I don't have those fancy trays that you can prop up over your legs, so she served me on a cookie sheet. Too cute!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

9 Years/1st Day of School

So I have a bunch to blog about, but I am working a three day stretch of nights, so not really much time.

So Andie had her first day of 3rd grade today and Avery her first day of Pre-school. Both girls were really excited and I feel really lucky that I never had to do the whole cry-themselves-silly-because-they-didn't-want-me-to-leave thing. I am having a hard time believing that that my Andie is as old and as big as she is. She really didn't want me to walk her to her class today, but I was like, too bad. I am a mommy and that is one of my rights, right? Avery was running off when I had to call her back and take a pic with her teacher. To think that next year she will be riding the bus, that is so scary.

Today is also my Wedding Anniversary. Lucas and I have been married for 9 years. I know that this is going to sound so cheesy and some of you may be like "whatever." We are so happy. Yes we have had our ups and downs, but at this point in my life, we are closer than ever. We have been so blessed in our lives and are so grateful for our wonderful family. I am so lucky to have found Lucas when I did. I love him so much and he is so good to me and the girls.

I love you Lucas and can't wait for the next 9 years.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Silly Little Avery

So last night I was at my parents house for dinner. Well over the past couple of days, Avery is in one of those doesn't want to eat moods. She takes a few bites, but then she doesn't feel good. Well same thing happened last night. We were done eating, all of us except Avery. She was wondering into the living room moaning and groaning that she didn't feel good. Only a few moments before that she was asking me for a piece of cake. She walks up to my mother complaining of her stomach hurting. I tell my mother, "Don't believe her, she is full of crap." Well my mother turns to Avery and says, "What's the matter, you don't feel good?" Aver turns to my mother and say "Yeah, I'm full of crap." We all started laughing.

Just this afternoon. I asked Avery to clean up a mess that she had made in the bathroom. I walk in about 10 min later to find her wiping down the cabinets with something that looked white. I'm standing there trying to think of what it could be, when I realize that there is a suspicious minty smell coming from the bathroom. I realize that Avery is cleaning the cabinets with toothpaste, yes, white minty toothpaste. My initial reaction was to be mad, but after a few moments, I couldn't help but laugh. This will be just another memory of my sweet Avery. Cleaning up the bathroom with toothpaste.