Thursday, October 31, 2013

Easton: The First 6 Months

The past 6 months have passed in a blurr!! My baby boy was 6-months-old on October 26th. Since I have been such a slacker on the blogging front, I thought I would just combine the first 6 months with some of my favorite pictures into one blog!

Newborn Easton with Daddy, look how little he was :(

1 Month
His sister sure do love him. Just look at Erynn's face, they are little buddies. He is so lucky to have such loving sisters to love, teach, and grow with him!!

2 Months
Weighing 13# 9oz!!
I love my Daddy so much, he talks and sings to me!!

3 Months
I love playing with my Nana and my Papa and my Cousins!! My sisters are my whole world. I am getting so big and talking all if only somebody could understand me...
 I don't much like tummy time :( But Dad says I have to "exercise"
4 Months
Weighing 17# 2oz!
Look at me now, I've conquered Tummy Time!!! Take that Dad!!

5 Months
Trying all kinds of foods, I really like this stuff!! I am playing more and sleeping better at night although I still wake up mom at least once for some snuggle time. I love to smile and laugh, life if good!!

6 Months
Weighing 19# 9oz
I want to be a big boy so bad!! I can't wait to crawl and walk and climb like my sisters. Sometimes I just get so frustrated Mom doesn't know what to do...but I am just such a cute butterball, it's O.K.
Sisters love me so much!!

Happy Halloween, cutest Dinosaur on the Block!!

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