Thursday, October 31, 2013

Back Blog: Summer Pics

We have had the most amazing summer together!! With Easton being born weeks before the girls were out for Summer, it was just fitting to have us all be home, thanks to my Maternity Leave!! The girls played Summer Ball, Avery did Swimteam and Erynn Swimming Lessons (she wanted to do swimteam so bad, but there was just no way, hoping for next Summer), Andie attened Basketball Camps, Volleyball Camp, Girls Camp, she was all Camped out. It was just such a great time for us all I had to find a way to capture all this love I was feeling for my children, all four of them!! So I decided to do an end of Summer photo shoot with another talented photographer here in the Gila Valley, Rachel Allen of Rachel Belle Photography, .

Erynn, Andie, Easton, Avery

All Loving on Brother
My Sweet Erynn Kinley

My Handsome Little Easton Lucas

My Loves

My Stinker Avery Alise

My Beautiful Andie Janae

My Babies

This is really how they are

Thank you Rachel, you did a great job!! Love the lighting, they are beautiful!!

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