Thursday, October 31, 2013

Back Blog: Family Time

Doesn't it seem like everything just happens all at the same time, well that is exactly what happened to us!!
One of the many reasons I LOVE October is Fair and Homecoming. It doesn't always fall on the same weekend, but this year it did, as well as the same weekend of Avery's Baptism and Easton's Blessing. Initially I was worried about having so much going on. Avery and Erynn were in the Fair Parade for Gymnastics, and of course I had to work, but was able to get the kiddos ready before I crashed out for the day...sorry no pics, Erynn decided to see how far she could swing my camera from it's strap :(...
With Homecoming comes after school activities like float building and school dances, which Lucas has to be gone for. Then there is the Homecoming Assembly and the Homecoming Parade for Thatcher, which of course Andie loves to go to...pretty soon she'll be in High School :( This year happened to be my brother-in-law Leon's 10-year-reunion and he came all the way from Boston to attend his High School Reunion!
So Avery turned 8 this past May and has been asking all Summer to be Baptized. We called the Bishop and made arrangements for the Missionaries to come by for The Discussions. Avery made the decision to get Baptized and we are proud of her decision and will do all we can to ensure that she follows through with her Baptismal Covenants. What a blessing for our family for our daughter to decide to follow in Christ's example!! We love you Avery!! It just seemed to work perfectly that my brother-in-law was going to be in town, we were happy to have Leon there and Avery will never forget her Uncle Leon Baptizing her on her special day!! It just so happened that that same day two other little girls were being Baptized, Jessalyn and Avery's second cousin Kendall, which is funny since Andie was Baptized with her cousin Madison...looks like we have started a tradition.
Avery, Kendall, and Jessalyn

I just need to take a moment and express just how much I love my husbands family!! We invited all the Johnsons and were so grateful to have so many able to come!!! We are spread all over the US and to have so many together in once place is just so wonderful, especially to celebrate this wonderful day for Avery and then the next day for Easton when he was Blessed by his Cousin Cole. Unfortunately Leon's wife and babies couldn't make it and Elliot was home with his little family enjoying his brand new daughters born that previous weekend!!  
Johnson in attendance: Uncle Isaac, Grandma Julie, Uncle Leon, Uncle G and Aunt Lisa with Cousins Taylor and Jacob, Uncle Cedric and Aunt Tayler with Cousin Jesse

I think my favorite part of the whole Baptism was when all the children sat in front of the Baptismal Font and watched as each little girl was Baptized. They were all so excited and I know the Spirit was strongest at that moment. Jesus loves the Little Children!!!

Avery and Uncle Leon

Our Little Family

That evening we spent at the Fair, riding the crazy rides and watching my daughters having a blast all together!! I know a lot of people hate the Fair, but I love it!! What is better than seeing your children with smiles of pure joy on their faces!!

As I mentioned Easton was Blessed that following Sunday. It started off rough, I woke with a horrible migraine and Easton was being a little turkey, but as soon as they walked him up for his Blessing he was so good. We are thankful to Lucas' Cousin Cole for doing the Blessing for our little man!! After the Blessing everyone went and enjoyed some time over at Grandma Julie's! Thanks again to everyone that came down, it made our weekend even better!!
The week before Avery's Baptism, my sister Angela met us at the Gila Valley Temple and took some pictures of Avery in her dress. She was so sweet to go out of her way and I am so glad that she was able to take the time to do this for us!! Here are some of our favorites, Thanks Angela!!

We found these wildflowers growing just down the street and I loved the colors so much, I think they looked so pretty behind her, especially in her blue jacket!!


This last one is one of my favorites though, this is so Avery, wanting to be good, but just a little mischievous!!

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